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screech1987 April 8, 2011 19:37

Merging CGNS files
I currently have two CGNS files, one for the mesh, and one for the flow data. I was wanting to combine the two into a single file so it can be loaded into Tecplot.

I have looked on the CGNS sourceforge site for said utilities, but was unsure what to use for a Windows XP installation as the file I downloaded suggested (in the readme) finding a 'win_install' which I am yet to find.

Has anyone had any experinece in this or knows a work around to get Tecplot to read both in without them being replaced by each other, as has happned with me.


scott_rumage April 18, 2011 19:08

Tecplot 360 2011 loads multiple CGNS files
Martin contacted TecplotTalk for additional help on his issue, and I wanted to inform the general audience that the CGNS loader for Tecplot 360 2011 (released April 2011) supports multiple file loading, uses the CGNS 2.5.4 library, and handles files greater than 2GB. The loader also supports files with rigid body information (data defining a rigid translation and/or rotation of the grid coordinates without the need to alter the original mesh).

Additional information on "What's New for 360 2011" is found on this link to the Tecplot web-site:


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