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Michal February 16, 2005 10:09

Fluent blood flow BC
I am working on a project involving pulsatile blood flow simulations (using FLUENT) through Z stent device used to cure Abdominal Aortic aneurysms. I am able to obtain inlet boundary conditions, in terms of pressure profile and velocity, but I am not sure what to use for my outlet conditions. The device is about 17cm long and I don't have enough information about the variation in pressure and/or velocity along this short distance. I would be grateful, if anyone could suggest some solution. Thanks.

Junseok Kim February 16, 2005 14:57

Re: Fluent blood flow BC
Can't you use linear extrapolation for the pressure and velocity in outlet?

J Dai February 17, 2005 01:15

Re: Fluent blood flow BC
I did some similar work two years ago.

The flow was separated into two branches downstream of the AAA, so there were two outlets. What I used for the outlet BC is "outflow", i.e. percentage of flow. The "outflow" BC is defined by FLUENT.

Help this will help!

Michal February 17, 2005 04:17

Re: Fluent blood flow BC
Thanks, I was thinking about similar lines too. Did your work involved pulsatile flow? I will try, hopefully it will solve my problem.

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