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parisa.sayad April 13, 2011 06:53


I haven't used CHEMKIN before. I wanted to know if there is any version of CHEMKIN available for free? I know that CHEMKIN II used to be free but I can't find any link to download it.

Rafael Meier December 15, 2015 10:35

Chemkin subrotines on Matlab/C
Hello guys, :confused:

I am new in this blog, and I have not found how to create a new discussion. Hence, I am taking this threat to ask a question.

I'm working with combustion on HCCI and specifically, the limits of detonation of fuels in Chemkin 2008. My question is if exist a material of chemkin or if someone already worked with this, that allows create a subroutine from Matlab/C for enter with a file with an initial set up and then, can pos process the results from Matlab. With that, I would like do a interactive code with the results.



zulkifliosman92 March 1, 2016 12:48

How to get the right chemkin .inp file for other fuel such as indolene and ethanol?thanks :confused::confused::confused:

Rafael Meier March 1, 2016 13:41

Hello zulkifliosman92,

You can use kinetics mechanism and thermodynamics proprieties in .txt format. When you download any mechanism just confirm for who software the mechanism was done, like Chemkin, Cantera e etc.

When exemple, enter in this site and then in mechanism

and creat a .txt file

Best Regards :D

zulkifliosman92 March 1, 2016 15:21

Thank you Rafael for response..Actually i'm using Gt-Power for my Hcci simulation.The thermodynamics file (.dat) has no problem but there is problem with chemical reaction input file (.inp).I'm studying the perfomance of ethanol fuel in Hcci engine using Gt-Power. When run the simulation,the was error with the .inp file such as file not supported.How should i do?Thanks😂

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