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ivanddd April 17, 2011 09:13

CFD of propeller with sliding meshes
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I tried to simulate aircraft propeller in Fluent 13 with sliding meshes but there was not wake swirl in other words wake was . First the propeller was simulated with MRF and there was good agreement with experiment and secondly I used unsteady sliding meshes approach. There are main parameters of simulation : rotational speed 2100 rpm, subsonic speed, diameter ~ 2m. One revolution was divided into 360 time steps. Each time step had 20 - 40 iterations. There were about 14 revolutions. The computation domain was divided into two cylindrical domain, smaller domain included propeller.
Did anybody simulate similar problem, maybe ship propeller.

Thank a lot for answer :)

f-w April 19, 2011 13:30

I simulated propellers in Star-CCM+ with a moving mesh approach and time stepping, and DO get a helical wake. Your time step of 1 degree and # of inner iterations are sufficient. Play around visualizing iso-surfaces for vorticity, lambda_2, and helicity.

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