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garychem April 23, 2011 17:46

Multicomponent flow
Hi all,
I am facing a problem with a multicomponent simulation I am running. My solution is converging, but a notice is being displayed in the solution stating that a wall has been placed at the outlet. Does that mean that the solution is wrong? Also, if the solution is converging, does it mean that all the equations are satisfied, including mass balances?
From what I understand, a single temperature & velocity field is created for the solution, & only the outlet mass fractions are calculated. How do I find a specific component's outlet mass flow rate in a multicomponent simulation?

kashyap July 18, 2011 14:50

Multi element airfoil
Hi i am looking for a strategy to block and hexa mesh a 5 element airfoil, can you please suggest a few strategies for the same. Thanks

Docfreezzzz July 25, 2011 20:41

Your question is pretty vague and I'd have to know what postprocessing software you are using to be of any help. Mass flow is generally just the surface integrated momentum terms.

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