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Henry Oxted March 2, 2005 05:28

Flex License Borrowing
Does any of you use any commercial software, FlexLM licensed, that offers a license borrowing capability?

Tom March 5, 2005 00:42

Re: Flex License Borrowing
I am not sure what you mean by license borrowing. However, I use star-cd which uses FlexLM license. It is possible to have the license on one computer in the network and access it from another computer on the network to run star from the computer without the license. Tom

Henry Oxted March 5, 2005 14:24

Re: Flex License Borrowing
That sounds like a floating license. License borrowing allows for a license to be checked out of a network, e.g. taking a laptop to go show some results on another site.

steve March 7, 2005 11:56

Re: Flex License Borrowing
Its an interesting idea, but I am not aware of anything in Flexlm that allows that kind of behavior nor have I ever seen anybody else do it.

TW March 9, 2005 10:31

Re: Flex License Borrowing
I've read about this capability in the FlexLM users manual. The mesh genarator gridgen makes use of this feature afaik. Nevertheless, I've never testet this capbility of gridgen/FlexLM.

Regards, Thomas

John Chawner March 23, 2005 17:59

Re: Flex License Borrowing
Yes, FLEXlm supports a feature called license borrowing. For example, if you have 5 licenses at work but want to run the software on your laptop at home, you can borrow one of the 5 licenses for a period of time that you specify. This is mentioned in the FLEXlm support area on

Yes, Gridgen uses FLEXlm's license borrowing and several customers have used it to great advantage.

Hope this helps.

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