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tawhite88 April 29, 2011 03:18

C-Grid Generation Around an Arifoil-Matlab
I'm looking to develop a Matlab code to generate a c-grid around an airfoil with clustering near the surface and wake region (trialing edge). I need to do this using an algebraic method. Then from here I'm to generate the same thing using an elliptic scheme with no clustering. I really have no experience doing mesh/grid generation in Matlab. Does anyone have any sample codes I could take a look at or any links to sites that have information on how to get started on this? Thank you for any help.

DoHander April 29, 2011 07:10

There is always a book ...

Fletcher - "Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics", vol II

see chapter 13, the book also has a Fortran code for algebraic grid generation (you can translate this to Matlab easily).


tawhite88 April 29, 2011 10:41

Thanks for the tip this looks like it will be a helpful read. Unfortunately I've never used Fortran before so "easily" might be too strong of a word, but I'll try to stumble through it. Unless there happens to be matlab version out ther. I'd love to see it XD. Thanks again.

tawhite88 April 30, 2011 15:32

Does anyone have some sort of sample code or at least the general steps I should go through to write one in Matlab. I'm afraid I'm lost when it comes to half the stuff in the Fortran code in the book you recommended.

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