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Rahul Bharadwaj March 2, 2005 14:11

Added Mass in a 2-D Cylinder

I am trying to investigate the added mass in a 2-D cylinder using Fluent 5/6. I am using the INVISCID solver in fluent for a steady, incompressible case first and comparing the results to that of a potential flow(zero drag). Due to the presence of numerical viscosity in the inviscid solver, there is a "recirculation" region behind the cylinder, thus giving me some finite "inviscid" drag. I would appreciate any feedback to the following questions:

1. What type of Eulerian solver does the INVISCID solver in Fluent use. Is there a way to input a value for numerical viscosity.

2. I need to obtain a zero drag for M~0 case for an incompressible, steady flow over the cylinder in order to perform an unsteady analysis to determine the added mass(Force ONLY due to unsteady affect). Is fluent the best way.

3. Lastly, compressible steady and unsteady inviscid flow over a cylinder is envisaged. Does the numerical viscosity change for every investigation. I have read many forums regarding numerical viscosity and the Roe's TVD schemes etc.

I prefer using a commercial package instead of writing my own code as i am not too involved in CFD.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


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