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TheBearJew May 5, 2011 01:48

PhD subject
Hello fellows,

I'm new at the forum and quite new at CFD too.

After greeted everybody. I'd like you to propose a question about a potential PhD subject involving CFD, or just FD, in some way.

Let me start from the beginning.

I'm fresh graduate, MD in Aerospace Engineering, and now I have a PhD scholarship three year long.

I've started my PhD some months ago and after some effort in Hypersonic I'm thinking about to have a new PhD main subject.

I'm very fascinated by Biological Fluid Dynamic and Tissue Engineering but because I'm new to these topics I'm not orientated to the new field of research.

If someone think he has some tips, I well accept suggestions about different subjects, is welcome.

julien.decharentenay May 5, 2011 19:53

If I understand correctly, you are currently doing a PhD on hypersonic flow that you started some months ago. You have know discovered biological fluid dynamic and you are fascinated by the subject. Do you want to change the subject of your PhD or start a new PhD?

If the former, what is your supervisor opinion/funding? If the later, I think you should find a supervisor and decide a subject with him.

I strongly recommend that you find a supervisor that have a very good grasp of the subject you are pursuing. This is, in my opinion, one of the key to getting an excellent PhD.

Although 3 years can seem quite long, it is a unique opportunity and believe me it is not too short to study a specific subject in depth.

Good luck.

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