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Hue Ray June 3, 1999 10:32

What does "Math. Sb." mean?
I'm looking up for a reference,

S.K. Godunov, "Difference methods for the numerical calculation of the equations of fluid dynamics", Math. Sb. Vol. 47, 271 (1959).

Could anyone tell me what "Math. Sb." stands? Any help would be appreciated.

Hue Ray

Vitaly Bulgakov June 3, 1999 12:59

Re: What does "Math. Sb." mean?
Math. Sb. most probably means Matematicheskiy Sbornik. This is in Russian as Godynov is russian. In English it can be translated as Mathematical Transactions or may be Collection. As long as you are looking for the translated version of this book I would try both Math. Sb. and Math. Trans. I hope this will be of help.

P. Martin June 3, 1999 13:23

Re: What does "Math. Sb." mean?
This is a russian expresion "mathenatic sbornik" a that is "Mathematic collection" (eje. collection of problem).

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