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cfd_99 June 3, 1999 12:35

how to use USER FORTRAN with CFX
I do some research with CFX to simulate the natural gas combustion. I would like to combine detailed NOx model with the K-e model. Who could give me some advice about this. Thanks in advance.


Shahrokh Hajireza June 4, 1999 05:42

Re: how to use USER FORTRAN with CFX
Normally, you can implement your reactions in the COMMAND file but the number of reactions are limited. Since you intend to have a detailed mechanism, I think you should get in touch with their customer support. If you are going to change your reaction rates, you should use USRRAC or USRRAT. I think in the first step, you should try defining your problem and contact CFX customer support.

Regards S. Hajireza

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