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FabioYM May 11, 2011 08:15

COMSOL - Create subdomain from an imported geometry

The version Iīm using is Comsol 4.0a.

Iīm trying to create subdomains from a geometry created on Salome platform (linux) with .stl extension.

The geometry is solid and when I work with that in Comsol, itīs treated as one domain only. I couldnīt separate in more subdomains to create different meshes.

I could create a mesh, but since my geometry is too big, some parts are not refined enough. Then, I need to treat those ones as subdomain and refine the mesh properly.

Could someone help, please? :)


csmith July 18, 2011 14:49

Were you able to find a solution to the problem of creating a subdomain from an imported geometry? When I import the geometry it is a boundary only and I do not know how to make it a solid or subdomain.

I am currently facing the same challenge and would appreciate any feedback.

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