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uea May 14, 2011 13:01

Boundary layer profile at inlet for cavity study in fluent
Hi there,
I m' working on cavity flow study.I need a boundary layer of 13.5 mm in front of the cavity.I tried to get a velocity profile in a 2D rectangular channel which. The freestream velocity is approximately 505 m/s (1657 ft/s).The Reynolds number was 3*107 /m (9.2* 106 /ft) Stagnation pressure is 0.26 Mpa (38 psia) and stagnation temperature is 292 K(525 R).(Mach number is 2) In experiments boundary layer thickness is found based on %99 of the freestream velocity is 13.5 mm (0.53 in). My channel area is 6.4 m length * 0.16 m wide (I tried very long channel for fully developed flow-40D long) My boundary conditions are;
İnlet&upper wall= pressure far field
Outlet=Pressure outlet
Bottom wall=wall
I tried several models; Laminar Model, k-w , k-e standart wall function model however ı canít get 13.5 mm boundary layer thickness. a good solution can only be achieved when y+ < 1, my y+ value is nearly 0.4. (I used a hybrid mesh)
So my question is: Something is wrong in my analysis! İs this my model? Boundary conditions? Or my grid? What is appropriate conditions for this supersonic flow?
Thank you very much for reading!

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