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k.vimalakanthan May 23, 2011 09:20

Mesh domain size independancy check
Hi guys,

I was hoping someone could give me an answer to my problem. I'm trying to check for domain size independency, but do not have a valid way to go about addressing this problem. I am aware that for mesh refinement study number of authors have suggested the Richardsonís extrapolation method. However I have been told that Mesh domain size convergence is not carried out the same way.

Hence could someone please suggest the best way to compare three different size meshes? I.e. for an airfoil simulation, the extent of the domains varies as 10chord, 20chord and 40chord, keeping the number of nodes constant.

Thanks in advance.

praveen May 23, 2011 10:37

You want to test dependance on domain size. Then you should not change the grid, but you should simply extend it. E.g., you do a computation with domain radius r1. Then extend domain size by adding more layers of mesh to reach a higher radius r2. Note that mesh within radius r1 does not change this way.

If you using structured grid, you could generate mesh with largest domain size. Then remove outer layers of mesh to get mesh for smaller domain size.

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