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Paul June 6, 1999 22:07

Which model for racecar design
I am currently doing a final year thesis on maximising the aero efficiency of a race car (Formula 3000/Formula Holden). I am using the Fluent v5 program for the analysis but am unsure of the best/most revelant turbulance model to use from the Fluent selections. If anyone has an sugestions on this or any other experience with the setup for such an application it would be very much appreciated . Also would you recomend using the Gambit program or would Unigraphics be the preferred choise for the modelling.

Sung-Eun Kim June 7, 1999 08:40

Re: Which model for racecar design
Dear FLUENT user.

I would recommend RSM based on our experience with external aero, especially with high-performance cars. All the salient features of the flows (impinging flows, separation, crossflow, streamwise vortices, etc.) around ground-vehicles requires a second-moment closure.

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