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P. Diao August 2, 1998 23:08

Spray Droplets Cooling
Here is the circumstance:

Compress air blows liquid metal into tiny droplets. The drolets will undergo conduction, convection, radiation, solidification, and maybe collision processes in a turbulent air flow.

Does anyone know any good software to simulate this process? I like software venders giving your opinion. Also, I like the users there to give your kind recommendations.

Thanks a lot.

R. Sukumar August 3, 1998 11:27

Re: Spray Droplets Cooling
Our CFD-ACE flow solver has been used to model problems with similar physics. Please take a look at the following articles on our website. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Spraying virtual iron on real engines

CFD simulation of thermal spray technology

R. Sukumar CFD Research Corporation (

Dominik Sadnik August 10, 1998 06:19

Re: Spray Droplets Cooling
Perhaps the CFD-code 'FIRE' from 'AVL' can help to solve your problem...

For further information have a look to the webpage

Dominik Sadnik - Institute for Hydraulic Fluid Machinary, Graz University of Technology

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