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Adrian.Romocea June 2, 2011 05:43

CGNS file conversion
Hello All,

I am a PhD student and here at the University we have our own proprietary CFD software and therefore our own format for the mesh files.

What I am trying to do is to write a program in Fortran 90, that would convert CGNS files to our mesh file format. For that, I would need to be able to retrieve from the CGNS the information regarding the coordinates of each grid, and it's connectivity. I was thinking if I could plot that information into an ASCII file than the conversion process would be very straight-forward.

If someone could give me some guidance on how to do get that information out of the CGNS files I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

mjgraf June 4, 2011 23:23

good place to start

Adrian.Romocea June 5, 2011 03:16

That was actually my second place to look. First I read the user manuals and only after I looked at the tools. Even so, I can't get CGNS View to plot the grids and their connectivity in another file that I could use later.


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