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springdong March 24, 2005 16:32

simulate droplet oscillation
Dear all:

I am trying to model the forced oscillation of a droplet on a solid surface, which vibrate asymmetriclly in plane and may cause the movement of the droplet. Therefore, it is a flow with a free surface and a moving boundary.

Can anybody give me a suggestion what kind of numerical method can solve this problem? Can any software package like FLUENT, CFX solve this problem? Any suggestion will be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Hrvoje Jasak March 24, 2005 17:56

Re: simulate droplet oscillation
Do you want to do surface tracking or surface capturing?

Have a look at FOAM and some of my recent presentations on onder Slides

You can download FOAM from It will do surface capturing out-of-box, but the surface tracking stuff is still not released in the public version. This is work of my colleague Dr. Zeljko Tukovic at the University of Zagreb: maybe you should consider a collaboration.



springdong March 24, 2005 18:21

Re: simulate droplet oscillation
Thanks a lot, prof. Jasak, I will take a look of your presentation and go back to you.


Sachin March 25, 2005 11:32

Re: simulate droplet oscillation
I don't know if we can do such a problem with FLUENT, maybe we can, but I know you can do this problem with CFD-ACE+

Springdong March 25, 2005 12:07

Re: simulate droplet oscillation
Is CFD-ACE+ a commercial package, how much? Where to buy?

Thanks a lot

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