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Asim Chowdhry June 7, 1999 15:58


I am doing some research on this topic and trying to gather some data. I would like to have some information for this market as well as any articles which describe the market.

I know of a couple of competing products called FLUENT and FLOW 3D.

I am interested in getting the following information, about these products and what they offer:

* Company Name * Year Started * Canadian Presence (yes/no) * Product Name/Software * Installed Base * Country of origin of the product * Installed base (#) * Target industries / Markets * Company Size (by sales) * Address * Phone/Fax * Contact E-mail (if any) * web site (if any) * Other/Additional information


Asim Chowdhry

Gregory Failla June 7, 1999 18:41

Re: SPLASH - CFD code

You may also want to take a look at the commercial CFD package STAR-CD. STAR-CD has full free surface capability including surface tension effects, and is valid for any mesh topology. You can visit the STAR-CD website ( for more information.

Jim Park June 8, 1999 07:54

Re: SPLASH - CFD code
If you're interested in simulating free surface flows, take a look at FLOW-3D, from Flow Science. This product was developed by C. W. Hirt, who invented the VOF technique for free surface flows.

How do you find them? Watch the ads at the top of this screen. Flow Science is one of the sponsers of cfd-online.

BTW; I don't work for or own stock in this company. I have used the product.

Good luck!


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