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Jason June 7, 1999 23:25

Where can I get some CFD source code?
I am interested in CFD modelling, I want to find some CFD source code, such as SIMPLE family, etc, is there any code which I can obtain free? thanks.

Duane Baker June 8, 1999 02:19

Re: Where can I get some CFD source code?
Hi Jason,

The best place that I know to start is with the book by Ferziger and Peric' "Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics", which covers the basics of the finite volume method and describes a series of codes which you can download from:

ftp in: pub/technik/peric

there are a whole series of codes from 2-d laplace equation solvers on regular cartesian grids right up to a 2-d incompressible Navier Stokes solver on a colocated non-orthogonal grid. The codes are extremly well documented, examples are included and in conjunction with the book will put you well on your way.

Have fun .......................................Duane

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