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Ameya J June 13, 2011 02:24

slope limiter and flux limiter ??
can anyone explain me about these...

I have some doubts about Slope and Flux limiter...

Q. Can we use slope limiters for second order FD method? if yes, how?
because in FVM, we assume linear variation within the cell and uses
the slope limiter, which takes the min slope among u(i+1)-u(i-1)/2*dx,
u(i+1)-u(i)/dx, u(i)-u(i-1)/dx, But in case of FD method there is no such
assumption of linear variation since we are taking the values at the that why i m confused...

Q. Can we use flux limiter for second order FV method?

please suggest me some books or anything that is helpful on this....

thanks in Advance

cfdnewbie June 13, 2011 12:05

although I've never done actual FD, I'd guess the slope limiting could work the same as in FVM. Consider you need a derivative at point i, you could get it from a central or any one-sided stencil, right? So in theory you could come up with a clever way of combining your derivatives and/or limiting them to get a better (more accurate, more stable) approximation of your derivate (sth like WENO e.g.).

But I'm no expert on this, so maybe anybody else can confirm/refute that...


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