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aerospaceman June 15, 2011 08:35

Open source Structured Mesh Generator
Dear forum,

This seems to be a classic question, but the answers do not seem to satisfy....

"Is there an open source STRUCTURED mesh generator in the likes of Gridgen/Pointwise (dare I say Gambit..!?) that works well?"

"Well" is defined as:
Having a GUI
Ability to generate connectors on surface geometries
Export to common commercial packages and OpenFOAM
Reasonably reliable
(basically a pointwise clone)

I really struggle with this as it seems to me (and I don't know much...:(:confused:) that it is much simpler to write a program for structured meshes rather than unstructured tet/hex meshes as there is no real algorithm in the structured. It is all user defined.

But I'm sure I'm wrong, as I can't find any decent ones.

The ones I've come across are:

Any help would be great.

Martin Hegedus June 15, 2011 13:50

This is not open source, however, if you are U.S. citizen or permanent resident belonging to a U.S. organization you can use Chimera Grid Tools for free.

Nickul June 15, 2011 17:02

Not open source but there is Discretizer and then MegaCADs.

the question why Paraview cannot create meshes has been asked but apparently its too tricky with the pipeline structure.

aerospaceman June 16, 2011 23:53

Thanks a lot for the replies.

Unfortunately I don't qualify as a US citizen, but the other ones look very interesting.

Now does anyone know if it is possible to convert from say discretizer to a Fluent format, say .msh?

Is this an easy step or prone to errors?

Many thanks guys; been a great help :)

jchawner June 18, 2011 14:34

I have never used it, but the only thing I can think of that meets your requirements is MegaCads.

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