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morteza08 June 20, 2011 04:32

An unknown array definition in fortran
Hi all
I have encountered a problem in a cfd code(GENMIX by Splading).
In this code, the computational domain is 20*92
An array is defined in the code as below:
F(20,9) ,,,real type
It is declared inside code that:
It means the second dimension of the array is related to a specific property.
but the problem is here:
each one of a1,a2,...,a9 parameters refers to a seies of data for 92 point.

for example :
write(*,*) F(4,a2)
prints 92 real numbers for the 4th row of the domain.
generally, ai (i=1 to 9) is not a number. it is a 92 numbers.
i have learnt , in a two dimensional array, each element refers to a number not to a series of numbers.

by the way, if anybody has a tutorial for the GENMIX code please send me if possible or send me a link to download.

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