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Sasidhar April 7, 2005 22:56

KIVA timesteps
Hello Everybody, I have a doubt in KIVA. I have defined ncaspec value to be 45 and gave the cafin value as -57.0 degrees. When I run the code the max output I am getting is for 33 timesteps and simulation stops at crank angle of -101.0. The nclast value is 9999 and when I try to increase this value it takes onle the first four digits. So how can I simulate the code for more time steps. Thanks in advance

anand April 10, 2005 12:55

Re: KIVA timesteps
hi sridhar

u can simulate for more times steps(cycles) increasing nclast. in itape5 give it as


i mean don't leave any blankspace between nclast and the cycle value. hope it will work ....all the best

anand April 10, 2005 13:11

Re: KIVA timesteps
hi sridhar

what is the preprocessor code your using for grid generation ..... k3prep/ICEM CFD hexa or any other software.

sasidhar April 10, 2005 21:09

Re: KIVA timesteps
I use K3prep as the preprocessor code in KIVA

selami mercan May 8, 2005 08:25

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