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ulwe June 24, 2011 13:44

Suitable software for car manifold exhaust?
Im VERY new to CFD,
in fact I havent started, my qualities lie in designing parts for pressure die-casting and plastic injection moulding.
At home Im a car enthusiast.
Now to my question.
I intend to redesign my exhaust manifold for my hobby car, and want to make the very most of a rebuild of the existing one.
What is your recommended freeware to start with? Is there a dedicated "exhaust-design" software out there?
Since my work is privare, freeware or shareware are my options.
I do my geometry work in Pro/E Wildfire 2 and Mechanica.


ulwe July 22, 2011 03:24

I went for Solidworks, modelling and flow. I guess it can be accurate, once I learnt to set up transient flows and pulses and heat dissipation and such.
Why does particle flow stop very early in my tube while flow strings work fine?

kid July 22, 2011 07:28

Man be a Man
try this problem in OpenFOAM , please dont use SolidWorks for fluid simulation

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