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Lynn April 12, 2005 10:49

Mesh Generation
Could anyone please let me know which code/software is the best for STRUCTURED/MultiBlock Grid Generation? It has to be able to do both structured (no FE please) and MultiBlock grids.

Gambit, GridGen, ...?? I am not sure about CAD softwares, like Pro/Engineering, is it able to generate volume mesh as well as design works?

Any advice would be helpful.


sharuk April 12, 2005 13:52

Re: Mesh Generation
GAMBIT is good, u can also use ICEM

Tom April 13, 2005 11:13

Re: Mesh Generation
The first question that you should ask yourself is: How much money do I have available for a grid generation software?

There are of course many nice codes, but they will cost you as much as a reasonable car.

Usually one is more interested in the best code, that one can afford.



edi April 14, 2005 09:35

Re: Mesh Generation
I completely agree with Tom.

And believe me: Gambit is not always so good...and its CAD features are crummy.


Jarmo Monttinen April 18, 2005 18:41

Re: Mesh Generation
From own experience Gridgen... but the cost might be an issue.

-- Jarmo

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