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heatmaster July 3, 2011 03:45

Matlab and Free Convection
I must write a software in matlab for school. It should solve the free convection problem (for a plate at constant temperature, and a fin array...).
It should show the Velocity Profile and the Temperature Profile.
I know i must solve a set of equation (heat, momentum and mass conservation) in Boussinesq approximation.
What type of discretization should i use? FEM?FDM?FVM?

In particular i want to know where i can find matlab software examples for this kind of problem.


any other advise is welcome...

Jonas Holdeman July 7, 2011 15:22

I have placed a Matlab code for the thermal cavity problem in the CFD-Wiki section, "source code archive"/"educational". This uses a finite element method with Hermite elements in a pressure-free velocity formulation. This might also be characterized as a velocity-stream function method or stream function-velocity method. The method is described in a recent CMAME paper given in the references.

engnab74 February 26, 2012 06:12

My problem is 2D laminar incompressible natural convection of Phase change materials.I need the matlab code for this problem with various boundary conditions.

cfdnewbie February 26, 2012 06:55

Is it just me or does the number of people who sign up and ask for a very specific piece of code tailored to their problem increase?? don't get me wrong, it's ok to ask for help and advise, and maybe even code snippets.... But this "ready to order" mentality bothers me greatly. It seems like many people have this "forum, solve my problems, right now!" type of thinking....
Usually, these people sign up, ask/demand things like "need code for everything free and not complicated so I can get my homework done without much trouble" and then leave and do not contribute.... I tend to ignore these posts, although I have (and I'm sure most people here have, too) quite an extensive toolbox / collection of codes in C or Matlab that might indeed help them.... If I see someone with only a few or one posts, just posting "send code to email" without havin shown any considerable effort in solving their problem on their own, I don't feel inclined to help.

/rant out

sorry to the poster, this is not against you personally, you are just the unlucky person who's straw broke my camel's back, so no offense intended!

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