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mehrzad July 6, 2011 04:33

how to analyze a cd nozzle with fluent which designed by MOC?
i designed a nozzle with method of characteristics with the code which give me the profile of nozzle's wall. now i want to analyze it in fluent. but i do not know how to setup the problem in fluent. the nozzle designed with this condition: inviscid,irrotational,isentropic,2D flow. the question is how to set problem in fluent which can simulate this condition. i found this tutorial and try to setup problem in fluent like this but the result is not close the designed condition for example look at this nozzle wich is designed for mach 1.8 but after the simulation you can see that some region the mach number reached to 2.88

can anyone help me with that to get the proper result from fluent. i just designed the nozzle but i don't have any information about stagnation pressure and temperature, only i have the mach number at the exit and A/A*, P/Po,T/To.
thank you

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