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CFDtoy July 11, 2011 11:46

Eulerian multifluid model with LES
Hi all,

Do commercial codes when operating LES with Eulerian multi-fluid model solve for k eqn or sub-grid scale viscosity for each phase or solves a mixture k eqn?

For VOF type flows with LES, it is understandable, since the main flow is assumed homogenous - LES will do a single k evaluation.

But for, multi-fluid model such as gas-liquid flows (bubbly flows), are there 2 subgrid scale energy per phase or just one?

Can anyone point me to literature on this - earlier work, some recommendations/discussions?

I tend to think, a more 1 eqn mixture approach at the subgrid level is well relevant but I would like to know more on this topic.

btw, how do FLUENT, OF, STAR etc solve this? LES with Multifluid approach?



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