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vito April 20, 2005 10:19

develop CFD code based on CGNS
I wanna develop a simple CFD program based on CGNS. For example, to solve the flow field in a driven cavity. I aim to firstly generate the grids and export them to a CGNS file, secondly read it and compute the flow field. I am a novice at CGNS and now asking for some advice here. Any help will be appreciated. Guys interested in CGNS are also welcomed to discuss with me via

ag April 20, 2005 15:46

Re: develop CFD code based on CGNS
Have you looked at this site yet?

That looks to have quite a bit about CGNS.

vito chow April 20, 2005 21:25

Re: develop CFD code based on CGNS
yeah, i have already download the documents, eg. the user's guide to CGNS. and i need now look through all these, which seems to be so difficult a task though.

elangomaran May 3, 2005 11:45

Re: develop CFD code based on CGNS
:i'm a PG student of mechanical engineering
:i'm doing my project in hydrodynamic effect on textured surfaces
:i proposed to write code for pressure buil-up
:so,i request you to provide giudence thank you Elango Maran

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