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hsabasi July 15, 2011 00:26

Where to Start Modeling!
Hi all,
I am a very new member in here :O
I have been away from CFD for a while but life dragged me back to this field which I always liked.
I am working on modeling and analysis of submerged objects in deep water. To give you an idea, it would be an open tank with fins inside which is moored to sea bed.

I would appreciate if you guys with your up to dated info, can let me know where should I start? You might be able to answer below questions:

- Ansys-Fluent, Fluent or OpenFOAM?
- Any source of Wave models? I am not sure if I have to model the nonlinear or linear!

Thanks in advance for your time and answering. I hope I can answer your questions one day :)


A.D.E July 15, 2011 04:50

Hi Hsabasi,

You can use either of them. I personally believe that Fluent is more user-friendly than OpenFOAM and it could take less time to learn. Both software use the Finite Volume Method and have similar capabilities. OpenFOAM is not a traditional CFD code. Is rather a C++ toolkit of classes for writing codes but is free and open source.
If you planning to run complicated cases on multiprocessor OpenFOAM will be significantly cheaper since you will have to pay only for hardware (if necessary) and nothing for licensing.

At the end of the day you will have to consider your time and how much money you are willing to spend.

I hope I help.



hsabasi July 19, 2011 22:14

Hi A.D.E,

Thanks for the reply. I most probably will go with Fluent as you mentioned. I getting some quote for the software and register.
It seems Fluent have the dynamic mesh option now :) and it ease my work. But, the moving mesh demos that I am seeing on the web of dynamic mesh is actually a static mesh following a moving object. it is good but not enough. I was wondering if I can model a dynamic object (e.g. a moving ball) in a dynamic environment (e.g. a sinusoidal stream of fluid)?

I had written a code for these sort of modeling when I working on my MS degree, but it was a pain. I hope Fluent can help now.


kid July 22, 2011 07:36

My sincere suggestion go for OpenFOAM
it is something which will use less compute resource
and results will be more accurate, a closed box code like FLUENT may not be helping
the simulation purpose.


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