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Ghassemi June 11, 1999 14:04

Galerkin Finit Element Method
Dear Colleges

Wher can I get a preliminary CFD code using Galerkind finit element method? If you could be able to help me I would be very grateful.

Thanks, HG

Elizabet June 12, 1999 15:33

Re: Galerkin Finit Element Method
Some interestings things are on this page:

subrat das June 14, 1999 05:36

3d mesh-generation
I have developed 2d mesh generation which includes suitable nodal as well as element nubering scheme to give the best frontal width. However while working eith 3-D mesh generation even for regular shapes like cylinder etc it becomes really complex. Please any one can explain me or give his alogorithm for the same so that I can develope it for my program, for which I shall be gratefull. Thanking you, Subrat Das

MOHAMMAD June 17, 1999 09:23

Re: Galerkin Finit Element Method
Dear Sir

I live in IRAN, and I'm a student in M.S in the mechanical engineering. I get a project about 3_D grid generation (deloni triangles). If it is possible for you, please identify to me some paper about that & if you can, please send me. I want to use that code in the CONTROL VOLUME base FINITE ELEMENT .


Ghassemi June 18, 1999 09:43

Re: Galerkin Finit Element Method
How are you, Mohaamad........

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