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Scott April 28, 2005 02:23

CFD ACE+ how similar to Fluent etc???
Hi there,

I am learning CFD ACE at uni and am very keen on a career in CFD. I am just wondering how similar this program is to some of the other big programmes that seem to be used more in industry???

I hope to become very proficient in CFD ACE and am interested in knowing whether that will enable me to use other applications in industry.

I am looking toward the motorsport industry for a career as I also have experience in suspension design and chassis development.



Charles April 29, 2005 05:05

Re: CFD ACE+ how similar to Fluent etc???
There is no simple answer here. Yes, it's similar in the sense that both are general purpose CFD codes (i.e. also then "similar" to CFX and Adapco), but there are many other differences. Getting the best out of a given CFD code requires quite a bit of experience. There are many subtleties involved. In my experience CFDRC's codes are a bit more tolerant of iffy meshes, i.e. very skew and high aspect ratio far field cells. Fluent really seems to respond well to extra attention devoted to improving mesh quality.

majid_esi January 17, 2012 05:51

meshing capabilities of ACE+ has improved double four times

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