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teolong July 22, 2011 13:40

Import mesh .msh in FreeFem++

I'm a new CFD-Online user, I have a question on mesh import in FreeFem++.

I am trying to solve a coupled fluid-thermodynamic problem on a 2D mesh created by an external software, and imported in FreeFem as .msh.

The mesh looks good from the plot, but I can't define a P0 fespace on that, it always returns 0, while P1 and P2 work well.

Does anybody know about special requirement the mesh must have to define P0 elements properly on, or some "compatibility" bugs when working with imported .msh meshes? Consider also that I have two simpler cases (one built just in FreeFem, one by hand and imported as .msh) that work properly.

Thanks in advance for your hints,


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