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FabienBe July 23, 2011 11:53

FSI Valve simulation
Hi everyone,

I have to create a simple simulation of a collapse of a valve for my work. I haven't done any FSI before. Can anyone advise or help? What is the easiest software and way to start?

Thanks for your help,

Andrew.Coughtrie July 24, 2011 16:49

What type of valve is it? i'm guessing a mechanical one, i don't really have any experience with that but i'm doing FSI on a heart valve using CFX coupled with Ansys mechanical. I know that Adina and LSDyna can also do this and i believe Fluent coupled with either Fidap or Abaqus can also do FSI. As to the collapsing i'm assuming you mean buckling of the valve and i'm not sure if the Ansys mechanical i'm using could manage that as buckling seems to be done using a different module. For a start i would read up on those products i've mentioned and see if any indicate whether they can do what you want. If the FSI is highspeed you may want to take a look at this though this may be a bit beyond what you're looking for if this is a commercial case you're running.

Hope this helps


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