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joseph-shin July 24, 2011 03:13

i have a question about solid wall boundary help me :)
hi i'm joseph from South Korea

i'm study about < central schemes and contact discontinuities, Alexander Kurganov, Gueragana Petrova>

and when I solve example4, I got some question.

if someone know about solid wall boundary condition for Woodward-Colella problem, can u explain to me??

I can

VincentD July 24, 2011 05:17

Since I'm not familiar with the Woodward-Colella problem. Do you mean the flow geometry as in the figure below?

You will have the following Boundary Conditions:
SupersonicInlet boundary conditions on the inlet section
ExtrapolatedOutlet boundary conditions on the outlet section
Slip boundary conditions on the top and bottom walls

The slip boundary conditions can be set in the following way.

dUdy = 0 (free-slip)
V = 0 (no penetration)
dpdy = 0 (neumann)

I believe these should provide you with proper results.

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