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DaiG August 2, 2011 06:45

Strouhal Number
Hello all. I'm currently designing a method for determining noise in orifice plates. Im dealing with hydrodynamic flow at present and am trying to modify the IEC 534-8-4 standard for noise predictions in control valves as so it can be applied to orifice plates.

Anyone who is familiar with control valves and governing equations will know several coefficients and parameters are often supplied by the manufacturer (eg sizing factors, valve style modifiers and numerical constants). Not having these parameters available for orifice plates I was wondering if anybody is familiar with determining the Strouhal Number for such flow, given know process parameters for an orifice plate. I need the Strouhal number to find the peak frequency of the system.

Also anyone who has attempted a similar problem in the past, any overall input would be massivley apreciated.


Docfreezzzz August 2, 2011 15:06

You may find more information if you look into the Von Karman vortex street solutions. This is where the Strouhal number arises.

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