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amine3002 August 3, 2011 04:18

Drag coefficient and added mass
Hi, I want to know how i can determinate the drag coefficient and the added mass of a vehicle moving in the water

cfdnewbie August 3, 2011 04:34

I dont know what you mean by added mass (may sth like fake mass due to negative lift??), but you determine the drag coefficient by integrating the pressure and viscous forces along the hull - the force opposed to the direction of motion is the drag.

truffaldino August 9, 2011 16:00

To accelerate vechile in water you need greater force than in the vacuum even if the steady flow drag is zero, so effect of the water can be seen as a faked mass added to vechile.

The roughest method to suggest to find this additional mass might be to integrate kinetic energy of water (i.e. get total water kinetic energy) multiplied by two and divide it by vechile velocity squared.

However I am not sure this method is completely correct as it assumes quasistacionarity of fluid motion as vechile accelerates. It will not work for sure in 2D for non-zero circulation flow, but perhaps it might be a realistic approximation in 3D.

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