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Emara August 4, 2011 18:20

Is this velocity profile not ordinary?
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I am new to CFD, I just finished a simulation of a steady state air mixer (2 hot inlet,2 cold inlet , 1 exit)

and this is the velocity profile of the exit (Check the attachment)

I was expecting the maximum values to be at the center?so is this normal or there is something wrong??
(I also uploaded the temperature distribution...I would love to see your comments about it)

cfdnewbie August 5, 2011 03:13

I'm no expert on this, but what you are doing is using a heated wall in a channel .... so the physics are close to what you would expect...

what kind of solver are you using? How does the grid look like? I'm wondering why there's no symmetry, or maybe I'm not understanding your problem correctly?

Emara August 5, 2011 04:51

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No,actually i'm using adiabatic walls and the solver is STAR-CCM+
I attached the geometry you can check it (2 hot inlets 400k , 2 cold inlets 300k ,1 exit at 1 Bar)

all inlets are at v=2 m/s
I used polyhedral mesh with 2 prism layers

These are the results I got:
Average exit temperature = 364 K
Average exit velocity = 5.731 m/s

I really don't like the results at the first post specially the velocity profile
so what do you think?

Emara August 5, 2011 07:13

I also used k-epsilon model

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