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diamondx August 5, 2011 13:07

Using Google Sketchup for geometry
I've recently discoverd Google Sketchup, with a large amount of tutorials available and its easy to use interface. I'm thinking that this tool can be very useful for building geometry. Is there a way to make Google Sketchup really useful for CFD application ? It must be a way around for exporting the 3d model to a valid format file acceptable by Ansys or any other meshing application

Emara August 5, 2011 14:32

I don't think that there is any CFD solver that supports google sketch up extensions.....and I don't think that GSketch up is capable of exporting models into any acceptable extensions as parasolid or IGS.

diamondx August 5, 2011 15:25

You might take a look at this link below, it's a plugin for google sketchup specially for cfd

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