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kiao May 11, 2005 04:36

breakup models
Regarding Fluent's TAB break up model and Wave breakup model, I read that the resulting drops are calcuated by a distribution function... is that correct? How does Fluent calculate the new droplet? Do the models allow for it? I hope that makes sense, I just started learning Fluent this year.

Sachin May 11, 2005 13:47

Re: breakup models
1. The drops should be calculated from a distribution based on the SMD or the mean size that Fluent is using.

2. The traditional way of calculating the drop size is to assume a distribution of drop sizes which is experimentally observed and then calculate the statistical quantities which describe the distribution dynamically as the parent drop moves in a flow field and generate random numbers to get the child drop size. I would post this question on Fluent's forum or to their customer support to get details of exactly how they get their distribution (Incase you didn't notice Fluent is not open-source)

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