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dasch August 16, 2011 02:49

Heat transfer coefficient

I'm trying to calculate the heat transfer coefficient from my CFD-Simulation. Can anybody tell me which formula I've to implement? I tried using the formula from OpenFoam's application wallHeatFlux, i.e. alphaEff*cp = alphat*cp+lambda divided by the height of the first cell normal to the surface. The units are matching (W/(m^2K)), but my results are way to high. Can anybody tell me where I can find theoretical results/formulas/literature for this topic?

Thanks a lot

mettler August 16, 2011 09:02

what are you trying to simulate, and where are you trying to find the convective heat transfer coefficient?

dasch August 16, 2011 10:17


I'm using a simple 2D cylinder case to test my calculation of the heat transfer coefficient. Later it will be a cabin flow problem. The coefficient will be used to calibrate 1D simulations.


mettler August 16, 2011 10:30

so, your hand calc is not matching your CFD result? And, it is a cylinder in cross flow?

dasch August 17, 2011 09:43

I wouldn't expect an exact match, but hand-calc gives 14 and my program gives 626. The difference is certainly to high.There is flow around the cylinder which was considered for the hand-calc.

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