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Alexandre Plomteux June 15, 1999 18:07

CFD in Formula1...
I have just finished my bachelor in mechanical engineering and I am strongly interested in car and aircraft aerodynamics. I have done a end of study project on a 3D wing using Fluent 5.0. and some aerodynamic reseach on a university car. I know that I have still a lot of things to learn on CFD but I would like to get into Formula1 or other racecar aerodynamic field. I would like to know where to look and what to do to get closer to this goal. I know this might be an ambitious program but anyway I would appreciate a feedback on this mater, please tell me what you think...(Your answer would be even more appreciated if you work currently in that field!...)

Thank you in advance for your answer

A.Plomteux, B.Eng.

Sung-Eun Kim June 15, 1999 18:44

Re: CFD in Formula1...
Hi, First let me tell you that, with a little bit of creative mind and CFD tool like yours, your effort will be rewarded !

The problem with getting real race car geometry is that most of the contemporary race car configurations are kept secret, and many computors like us are restricted by very strict, non-disclosre agreement. We sacrifice one CFD engieer for every race car project (kidding!).

cfd_99 June 15, 1999 20:34

Re: CFD in Formula1...

Who knows how to print the results from CFX-4.2.

Thanks in advance.

John C. Chien June 16, 1999 13:51

Re: CFD in Formula1...
(1). CFD has been used in the aircraft industries for many years. It also has been used at different stages of design in different forms and complexities. (2). The driving force there is the performance, safety, cost and schedule. Even with the use of CFD analysis, thousands of hours in wind tunnel testing are required to eliminate problems. (3). In the Formula-1 racing, the ultimate goal is different. It is a game of combined effort with certain rules and regulations applied. The requirement for the aerodynamics design , I think is quite different from that for the aircraft design. (4). I would say that, the design philosophy behind the Formula-1 under the constraint of rules and regulations is one of the most important key element. Otherwise, obtaining the CFD results by running a code with a given set of CAD files just represent a lot of hard work. Although that alone is still a very challenging task.

Steven Bosscher June 18, 1999 05:34

Re: CFD in Formula1...
(1)Our faculty has had a program on CFD in Formula 3 racing. A new front wing was designed last year for Van Amersfoort Racing, a team competing in the German Formula 3 series. It was a project for a M.Sc. thesis and I think there is a follow-up project. (2)If there is, you could get experience in race car design and get your M.Sc.Perhaps you can get more information from prof. P.G. Bakker <>

Greetz, Steven

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