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Babakjingo August 21, 2011 03:18

Mass flow rate through each cell
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Dear All,

In the attached figure, totally 1.6 kg/s enters the cavity from the bottom. Left and right sides are closed. Mass flow through each face is indicated. Conservation of mass in all cells is satisfied. Total mass flow through each cell, calculated from the summation of entrance masses to each cell is also depicted in red ovals (e.g. the top right cell is 0.1+0.3=0.4). The problem is that this does not really show the exact mass flow through each cell. Because the summation of all ovals will be greater than the total mass flow entering the cavity. I say the summation of all mass flows through each cell should equal the entrance mass flow. Is it right? In that case how can I resolve this problem? I need to find the mass flow rate going through each cell accurately.

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