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vega May 16, 2005 03:45

pdf method in kiva
hello everyone,

I`m trying to build pdf method algorithm in kiva-3v code to calculate the chemical source term for simulation of flame in furnace. If there`s any of you who had experience with inserting new method (especially pdf) in kiva, I would be glad to have your suggestion.

I`m considering making the pdf algorithm in a single subroutine. The problem is that since kiva is composed of abundance of subroutines, I have to insert this new subroutine at the correct place in order to retain the coherence of the sequences and overall structure of the code.

Since the target here is to modify the chemical source term, which is originally calculated using either subroutine chem (if we consider finite-rate chemistry) or subroutine chemeq (if we consider equilibrium chemistry), does replacing these subroutines with the pdf subroutine simply solve the problem?

thanks for your advice,



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