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James August 22, 2011 11:56

How to understand AR and AT in NASA-VOF2D
CFD experts,
In my research code, I make use of part of the NASA-VOF2D code. In NASA-VOF2D. there are two variables, AR[i][j] and AT[i][j], to describe fractional area open to flow on right and top walls, respectively. Since I don't use these variables in my code, I need to use the variable BETA[i][j] to describe a case where AR[i][j] = 0 or AT[i][j] = 0. For example, I use "if (BETA[i][j] < 0.0 || BETA[i+1][j] < 0.0)" to replace "if (AR[i][j] == 0)". Is my understanding for AR[i][j] correct? Thanks!

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