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thorsten stoesser August 3, 1998 13:49

CFD in C or C++
Hi there,

As I just have started programming CFD in C++ I am asking for some references or sites on the net about numerical recipes or CFD codes in C++. My thinking is that it is much easier to look at codes which are already written in C++ than translating existing Fortran codes. Many thanks in advance for your help and cooperation. Thorsten

andy August 3, 1998 18:25

Re: CFD in C or C++
Are you planning to code the solver in C++? If so, is this to examine C++ capabilities, to examine CFD algorithms or to develop a code to examine physical problems? I suspect it is not the latter if you already have exisitng Fortran codes?

Peoples experiences of developing solvers in C++ and the reasons why some are moving from Fortran to C++.(and why some have moved back to Fortan again) may make an interesting discussion topic. I would exclude pre and post processors because the reasons for coding those in C++ are compelling.

In answer to your question - there is quite a lot of C++ solver code out there. For example - diffpack is fairly well developed example at - overture (built on A++/P++) is another good example - the object orientatated numerics page has a lot of links on the subject:

John C. Chien August 4, 1998 21:37

Re: CFD in C or C++
My son's idea was to look for a translator program between Fortran and C++ or C. Somebody must have done just that when C and later C++ were created. If you like to use a specific library of classes, then you need to get familiar with that particular library first.

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