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eRzBeNgEl August 30, 2011 04:33

Assessment of Residuals
Hu guys,

this is a general question. How do you assess the residuals. For example in a Simulation of mine they just get on the level of 1E-02, but all my other parameters (pressure, massflow, e.g.) are on an constant level.

I have got a similar simulation, where the residuals lie between 1 to 10...all other values are constant and in comparison to a labor test very good caclulated.

So how do I have to assess the residuals?

Sim Data: Steady State, ke model, Segregated Flow, Rho = const.

Thanks for help

cfdnewbie September 4, 2011 07:22

Which residuals are you talking about? L inf, L1, L2? Which variable?

If you are solving for a steady state, I assumed you used an implicit scheme? Have you tried adjusting the CFL?

You wrote "segregated" you mean detached (abgeloest) by that? In that case, I'd really expect to see some vortex shedding, which is highly unsteady....

eRzBeNgEl September 4, 2011 10:22


Thanks for your answer, my mesh resolution was too low, that was the problem.

Thanks for your help

cfdnewbie September 4, 2011 14:05

no problem, gerne.

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