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Didier August 30, 2011 11:36

How to choose software for ventilation of a building
if I want to simulate the ventilation in a room or a building and I do not want to invest in expensive software, what software to use?
most often the question arises whether the location of vents and size are correct. And also for heating.

What is the proper way to start CFD without risk of being wrong by investing in software?

For a room like this for example

Didier :. France - Toulouse

julien.decharentenay August 30, 2011 19:16

Hi Didier,

What is your definition of expensive software (i.e. where do you set the line between a cheap and an expensive software)?

There are a number of established players: Phoenics, Airpack that are dedicated for these kinds of problems.

There are also a number of new comers: blueAIR (from, BlendMe (from ods-engineering), or Khamsin (this one is mine, but not ready for complex cases yet). The common thread of the new comers is to be dedicated to building industry and relying on openFOAM as a CFD solver.

You may find that the tick is to appropriately represents the physics you are trying to model (air path, head loads, radiation, etc).

Good luck.

Didier August 31, 2011 03:38

Thank you Julien for your answer,

in current applications of building engineering, the remuneration of an office is a few hundred euros for a house project and a few thousand for a small project (shop, a small public building, collective housing, industrial kitchen ..)

I think a program that, in a room, would add a heater, wall heater, radiant floor heating, ventilation inlet, a ventilation outlet, a ventilation grill, windows, ... could cost from 200 to 500 euros.

Then for your software, you could then progress by adding the consideration of losses in the walls, then the calculation with more complicated plans.
By leaning on users, your software is progressing in the interests of your customers and you.

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