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Graeme812 September 5, 2011 08:32

GMSH and VTK files
Hi folks,

Not entirely sure where this thread should be going so hoping that someone out there might be able to help me.

Firstly I'll try and explain my problem. I am doing work investigating a particular method of the FEM and as such I am using GMSH to create my mesh for me and output it into a VTK file which I then read into my code to use.

However, I am currently trying to do a 3D simulation and have encountered a problem. I require all the faces of all the tetrahedrons in my 3D mesh to be exported into my VTK file (to allow surface integrals of the triangle to be carried out) but GMSH is only exporting the faces of the tetrahedrons which lie on the boundary of the problem I have modelled.

I, therefore, am wondering if anyone knows of anyway in which you can get GMSH to export all the faces of all the terahedrons? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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